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Air National Guard (ANG)

The New York ANG 109th Air Wing provides heavy lift services with ski-equipped LC-130 Hercules aircraft. The ANG has scheduled flights to Summit Station, Raven Camp, Pituffik Space Base (formerly Thule Air Base), and the Danish EGRIP camp. For the current airlift schedule please contact your Battelle ARO PM.

Commercial Air

Air Greenland operates scheduled, fixed-wing and helicopter service from Kangerlussuaq to most coastal towns and villages within Greenland.  Check with your Battelle ARO PM as inter-island flights are often part of the logistics scope of your project and can be coordinated by Battelle. Air Greenland

Chartered Aircraft

With NSF approval, Battelle ARO charters helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft for remote field projects. Your PM will develop a custom flight plan around science objectives and provide information/support to your field team to ensure safe, efficient air operations.

Ground Transportation

Battelle ARO provides research teams in Greenland with various transportation options for science project use, including trucks/vans/cars for use around villages, Arctic Trucks (for use on the ice sheet), snow machines (utilized for transportation and moving light cargo), and larger pieces of equipment such as Tucker Snowcats (employed to move larger cargo and travel to remote science sites). Work with your Battelle ARO PM to outline your requirements so that the correct transportation mode can be built into your support plan.