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Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Battelle ARO is taking a measured approach to field safety training in 2021 as outlined in the strategies below. Please contact the Field Risk Manager for any training inquiries.

Strategy one: Minimize in-person training sessions. Battelle ARO can provide pre-recorded and virtually hosted training on subjects that do not require assembling in person:

Bear identification Water treatment Cultural considerations Whiteout travel
Bear defense Layering for success Harassment and bullying Hygiene
Wildlife threats Day pack essentials Risk assessment Self-rescue
Minimizing environmental impact Stove use and care Communications plan Communications technology
Cold injury / illness Aircraft safety Sea ice travel Compass use
Heat injury / illness e-WFA First aid kit contents Survival bags

Strategy two: Combine trainings and shakedown exercises with field deployments. For subjects that require hands-on experience, Battelle ARO can provide initial trainings virtually and encourage workshops/ add-on sessions at the beginning of the fieldwork deployment:

Tent set-up Bear spray use Throw bag use
Knots GPS Bear fence set-up
Snow machine orientation / tips ATV orientation / tips Defensive driving

Strategy three: Manage stand-alone trainings to minimize exposure to SARS-CoV-2. Battelle ARO will work with researchers and the NSF to determine whether in-person training is allowable/ feasible. Battelle ARO will adopt practices that adhere to federal, state, or local regulations, and NSF policy, whichever is more rigorous.