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Arctic Science Session Podcasts

Arctic Science Sessions


An Arctic Science Podcast
from Battelle ARO

Hosted by:
Eben Hopson


Arctic Science Sessions is a podcast from Battelle Arctic Research Operations with support from the National Science Foundation. Scientists travel to the North Slope from all around the U.S. to study the effects of climate change and to see how it affects local Inupiaq communities and their subsistence activities. In this series of podcasts we introduce you to a few NSF-funded groups working at the Barrow Arctic Research Center for Climate Change studying changes in the Arctic. Tune in to learn about them, their work, and how their interesting findings relate to everyday life on the North Slope

Photo by: Colby Wright

Arctic Science Sessions

Featuring: Vladimir Romanovsky and Dmitry Nicolsky
Featuring: Jim Thomson and Emily Eidam
Featuring: Jessie Creamean, Thomas Hill, Marina Nieto-Caballero, Kevin Barry, and Rick Minnich
Featuring: Robert Hollister and Mackenzie Lift
Featuring: Jess Steketee and Austin Roy