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The Physical Qualification (PQ) Procedure

The Colorado University – Anschutz (CU-Anschutz) is responsible for making PQ determinations for Arctic participants.

The NSF's PQ policy applies to personnel deploying to certain Arctic locations in Greenland, as described below.

Please contact your science project manager (for researchers) or your supervisor (for staff) to initiate your PQ process. Your project manager or supervisor will contact CU-Anschutz on your behalf. CU-Anschutz will send you a packet of medical forms. Complete the paperwork and return it (via physical mail or fax) to CU-Anschutz. After review, CU-Anschutz will send a determination email to you and the Battelle ARO safety manager.

For further information on whether you are required to physically qualify in the Arctic, refer to the NSF PQ Policy PDF.

Man standing in winter storm
Photo by: Pat Smith