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Safe Fuel Handling Procedures for Field Personnel
All researchers using fuel at a field site must use containment for all fuel and equipment that uses fuel. Researchers should be aware of how to clean up a spill, and how to use a spill response kit.

Containment Systems
Battelle ARO can provide researchers with spill containment equipment and spill response kits for Battelle ARO issued equipment. Researchers should be prepared to provide their own resources for any non NSF equipment they are taking into the field that uses fuel.

Cleaning Up a Spill
Any amount of hazardous material spilled on the ground at a field location must be cleaned up. All researchers going to a field site should realize the liability they are assuming for safe fuel handling practice. The researcher and his/her institution will be responsible for any spills and remediation of spills at a field site.

How to Remediate a Small Spill

  1. Contain the spilled material.
  2. If feasible and safe, absorb the spilled material using absorbents from local spill kits or, if the spill is on snow, shovel the snow up and place in plastic bags or a drum to be disposed of off-site. On soil, shovel the contaminated material into a bag or drum for disposal.

For Large Spills
If a large spill occurs, the researcher should notify Battelle ARO staff and the local authority responsible for the land on which the spill occurs (i.e., BLM, NPS) immediately for assistance.