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All participants travel to Greenland by air on either military or commercial aircraft.   


Air National Guard Flights

The quickest and most common mode of transport for program participants is via the New York Air National Guard (C130 aircraft from the 109th NYANG or C17aircraft from the 105th NYANG. The NSF establishes a flight calendar every fall that typically has 1-3 north/south missions a month in the timeframe of April-August. Occasionally flights are conducted in the shoulder seasons of March and September. The vast majority of flights depart Stratton ANGB in Scotia, NY and thus participants fly in commercially to the Albany International Airport (ALB), NY a day prior to the flight. NSF charters and funds these flights for program participants. Science teams are responsible for payment of travel to/from Scotia. For more information;

Contact your PM or Greenland Operations Manager for the current flight calendar or see the ANG travel bulletin.


Air Mobility Command (AMC) Flights

AMC flights service Pituffik Space Base (formerly Thule Air Base) every Thursday (north) and Friday (south) from Baltimore Washington International (BWI) and/or McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey.   Flights north are typically red-eye flights leaving the US after midnight and arriving in Pituffik between 8-9am local.  Flights south typically depart Pituffik in the morning and arrive in the states in the afternoon.  Seats on AMC flights are limited and are prioritized for official base travel. NSF sponsored participants can book AMC flights with the appropriate Pituffik clearance paperwork through their Battelle ARO PM.


Commercial Flights

Commercial flights to Greenland are available with varying schedules. When flying on Air Greenland from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq or within Greenland, the baggage allowance is 20 kilos (44 lbs), but there is no limit on number of pieces. Please be prepared to pay excess baggage charges if you plan to bring more weight.

Copenhagen > Kangerlussuaq via Air Greenland
Reykjavik > Ilulissat, Nuuk, and Kangerlussuaq via Air Iceland or Air Greenland.
Embassy flights - Require Pituffik Space Base (formerly Thule Air Base) Clearances (see the Pituffik page or contact your PM or the Greenland Operations Manager for more information)
Copenhagen > Pituffik Space Base (both direct flights and via Kangerlussuaq)


U.S. Passport Holders

Though a visa is not required to enter Greenland, all participants must travel with a current passport. Passports must be valid for at least 90 days following departure from Greenland, 6 months of validity is highly recommended for international travel. For information on travel requirements and restrictions, visit Greenland - The Official Tourism Site. Find your adventure here! - [Visit Greenland!]


Non-U.S. Passport Holder

The Visa Waiver Program does not apply to people using military flights. Anyone without a U.S. or Canadian passport must have a valid Resident Alien Card (known as a green card) or visa to exit or enter the United States. All field team members carrying foreign passports to/from Greenland via military aircraft must provide proof of visa status in addition to a valid passport. Provide visa type and numbers to your PM at least 4 weeks prior to deployment. Requirements are subject to change; please confirm current status with your PM if you will travel with a foreign passport. Passports must be valid for at least 90 days following departure from Greenland; 6 months of validity is highly recommended for international travel.

Some countries require a visa to enter Greenland.

Photographer - Kevin Pettway