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Cargo Tracking System (CTS)

All cargo destined for Greenland must be entered into the CTS so that Battelle ARO staff and researchers can track cargo from its origin to final destination.  CTS allows

Cargo Tracking System (CTS)


Air National Guard (ANG) Transported Cargo

The vast majority of science cargo destined for Greenland uses ANG flights based out of New York.  All cargo required for your project should arrive at Stratton AB in Scotia, NY no later than 3 weeks prior to the desired northbound ANG flight, must be entered into CTS and properly registered with Customs. Current ANG flight schedules are available in the Cargo Tracking System.

For current shipping guidelines and customs updates please refer to the below documents.

All staff and researchers are required to abide by Greenland import and customs laws. Review rules regarding importation of alcohol prior to travel. Rules are subject to change. Greenland Customs Information

Researchers are responsible for coordination and payment of cargo shipments to and from Stratton AB back to their home institutions unless special arrangements with the Battelle ARO team have been made. Please contact to coordinate.


Other Cargo Transport Modes

Though not utilized as regularly due to either time or cost, other routes do exist to get cargo to Greenland.  Contact your Battelle ARO PM for more information on how to plan for these modes.


Photographer - Kevin Pettway
Photo by: Kevin Pettway
Photographer - Jessy Jenkins
Photo by: Dave Haney