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Air Operations

The Battelle ARO team will begin aviation support analysis in the proposal planning process using a requirements-based approach to identify logistics feasibility, type of aircraft needed, and preliminary risk analysis. Once funded, Battelle ARO PMs and regional operations staff will provide expertise in all the nuances required to make even the most complicated of aviation plans achievable.

Battelle ARO staff have experience in the following:

Vessel Operations

Similar to contracting aircraft, Battelle’s procurement and science planning teams maintain a directory of potential research vessels that incorporate science capabilities, port requirements, contact information and vessel specifications. This directory will be referenced to expedite analysis of available vessels meeting the science and timeframes requirements, while simultaneously expediting the procurement selection process. Battelle ARO science PMs have experience facilitating engagement between research projects and coastal communities to deconflict subsistence, wildlife, or community concerns. Existing relationships and communications assure NSF-funded cruises are abiding by cultural, permitting, and wildlife mandates. The Battelle ARO team can provision marine mammal and community observers and facilitate outreach requirements and post-cruise reporting to ensure compliance at the researcher level. In addition to providing expertise about research vessels, Battelle ARO PMs are experts in sending cargo by vessel, which is a cost effective way to reach many locations in the Arctic.

Photo by: Jessy Jenkins