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Toolik Field Station (Toolik) is operated and managed by the Institute of Arctic Biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks with support from the National Science Foundation.  In the foothills of the Brooks Range about 350 miles south of the Arctic Ocean, Toolik is a world-renowned research platform for studying Arctic climate change, the site of the National Science Foundation’s Arctic Long Term Ecological Research Site, and the a nearby Alaska-NEON site. First visited in 1975 when researchers studied inland coastal ponds and camped in tents on the shores of Toolik Lake, the site accommodates nearly 100 scientists and students each summer. Station residents live dorm-style in simple but comfortable rooms. Meals are served in a communal dining hall overlooking beautiful Toolik Lake.

On-site laboratories are available year-round, as are essential science and communication equipment and vehicles for traversing the coastal plains and navigating the foothills of the Brooks Range. In summer, a helicopter flies’ scientists, and gear to farther-flung research sites inaccessible by road.

The Battelle ARO team provides additional support to Toolik staff and the facilities as part of ARSLS contract in the form of construction, maintenance, helicopter operations, and science project management.  Through a Battelle ARO science PM, researchers can access the below support at Toolik Field Station.

For more information on Toolik Field Station contact your Battelle ARO PM, the AK Operations manager, and/or reference the UAF website.

Researchers walking through field
Photo by: Kevin Pettway