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Science party members are generally responsible for their own cold weather and field clothing.

Before departing, the team tries on cold weather gear to ensure proper fit and full inventory. 

Fabrics to consider are Polar Plus Fleece, Polypropylene, Capilene, wool, and silk. Avoid cotton fabrics and jeans for remote field site use. Keep in mind that rain is a normal weather condition in Alaska. Be aware that during the summer season (May through September) the temperature can fluctuate between 10 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit depending upon the location.

Additionally, researchers should consider mosquito season (late May - early September), and bringing protective "bug shirts"  and insect repellent.

For a general list of cold weather gear, review the recommendations below.

Recommended Cold Weather Gear:

Recommended Personal Gear:

Photo by: Tracy Dahl
Photo by: Kevin Pettway