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Work Internationally: Greenland

Battelle ARO provides logistics planning, remote camp equipment, and coordination of services for Greenland research projects. Primary hubs include Kangerlussuaq, Summit Station, and Thule Air Base. Researchers planning fieldwork in Greenland can utilize the Greenland Guide. Topics are chronological: planning (people and cargo), travel to Greenland, fieldwork, and return.


Government of Greenland

  • Science teams planning to work in Greenland must comply with all permitting requirements of the Government of Greenland. An overview or potential requirements can be found on the Government of Greenland website.


  • Battelle ARO has staff on-site in Kangerlussuaq during the summer months that assist researchers traveling onward to Summit Station as well as remote locations on the ice sheet.

Summit Station

  • Summit Station (72° 36′ North, 38° 25′ West), a research platform at the summit of the Greenland ice sheet, has been in operation since 1988. The National Science Foundation funds and manages the station in cooperation with the Government of Greenland.
  • Projects working at Summit Station (or within Summit area allotment boundaries) are included under the Summit group permit, acquired annually by Battelle ARO. However, Summit area projects are required to independently submit a sub-permit application.
  • Additional information for Researchers working in Summit can be found in the Summit Guide. This guide is meant to give you an overview of what to expect at Summit and to help you plan for your trip.

Thule Air Base

  • Thule is an active U.S. Air Force Base and clearances are required for entry to the facility.  Battelle ARO routinely supports projects working out of Thule Air Base in Greenland, including base clearances.
  • Battelle ARO provides accommodation and dining for NSF-funded researchers Arctic program participants visiting Thule stay in Dorm 345. If the population exceeds available beds, participants stay at the North Star Inn. Meals are served in the base dining facility.
  • Thule can be reached by weekly commercial or military flights through Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq. Passengers traveling on any of these flights require clearance.
  • Researchers planning fieldwork at or based out of Thule Air Base can view the Thule Guide. Topics are arranged in chronological order: planning, travel to Greenland, fieldwork, and return home. Additional topics of interest are included at the end.

Ice Sheet

  • Researchers proposing to work on the Greenland Ice Sheet are encouraged to contact the Polar Geospatial Center (PGC) to request satellite imagery of proposed field site(s). Maps are available to proposing NSF researchers at no cost.