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Fieldwork in the Arctic: The Arctic Research Support and Logistics Program asks that researchers not expect to go to the field during the same fiscal year in which their proposal was submitted. One year from the time of submission is most common. This allows time for the NSF proposal review and award process, followed by several months to plan and budget for fieldwork. 

Air support (helicopter/fixed wing charters)
Battelle ARO handles a majority of charters for the Arctic Program, though there are exceptions depending on location of fieldwork. Be prepared to identify the type of support you require. Do you need closed support, or can you be dropped off in the field with a later pick up time? Do you need to mount special equipment on the aircraft? Contact [email protected] for more info. 

Camping consumables such as fuel, food
For smaller efforts, Battelle ARO recommends that researchers budget and procure their own camping consumables. For larger efforts or large field camps, Battelle ARO can offer consumables support. Contact your provider, or [email protected]

Clothing & footwear appropriate for specific field conditions
Many third-party logistics providers DO NOT provide cold weather clothing. Exceptions might include highly specialized items/personal protective equipment such as mustang suits, float coats, etc.


Construction, enclosures, boardwalk 
Battelle ARO construction personnel can help design and install buildings, enclosures, boardwalk and other structures. Most construction projects have a relatively long planning and permitting lead-time. Failure to identify construction requirements at the proposal stage may delay the start of field work. Contact [email protected] for more info. 

Data communications 
Battelle ARO can assist researchers with engineering and implementing custom data communications solutions.

Facility Use Costs 
User days: Contact the third-party logistics provider for the facility you wish to visit to determine how user days are paid. 
Hotel lodging: Depending on your location, Battelle ARO may be able to assist with arrangements for local accommodations. 
Local meals: Researchers should budget for meals when staying at hotels/local accommodations that do not offer "user day" rates. 

Field team members (head count)
It’s important to start off with an approximate number of field team members to help in estimating travel and subsistence costs.  

Depending on the location, field work in Alaska will likely require land-use permits from either Federal, State, or local municipal land owners. 
See = Project Permitting.


Battelle ARO can design, build, and deploy custom power systems in remote areas. Custom power systems have a relatively long lead-time for planning, design, and permitting. Failure to identify custom power system requirement at the proposal stage may delay the start of field work. Contact Battelle ARO for more information.  

Satellite telephones and HF/VHF radios Most facilities managed by third-party logistics providers offer some level of communications infrastructure. For all others, Battelle ARO offers a substantial communications inventory. 

Shelter, power, heat 
Battelle ARO maintains an inventory of tents, generators, solar panels, stoves, etc. for researchers working in remote field locations. Battelle ARO can also provide custom remote power systems. Other site-specific third-party logistics providers may have field gear available for projects basing from their stations. Contact your site-specific provider, or [email protected] for more info.

Staffing requirements Is your camp large enough (10 – 15 people) to require a camp assistant? Battelle ARO can provide this support.

Travel cost to research hub
Researchers should plan to pay for all scheduled (i.e., commercial) airline tickets to their research hub. The logistics provider takes over at the hub. Check with the logistics provider for specifics. Additionally, en-route hotel/per diem costs are typically paid for by the researcher’s grant. Please be sure to include all travel costs to researcher hubs direct-to-grant.

Trucks, snowmachines, ATVs, boats
Most third-party logistics providers have some transportation inventory. Either contact the site-specific logistics provider or [email protected].